Pendulumic TACH T1

T1 and S1 in studio-1Pendulumic is a “Wireless-only” personal-audio brand/company. It prides itself as the only wireless headphones brand to launch and be well-received within the Audiophile headphones arena. Pendulumic lives by its strong claim: “Wireless freedom never sounded so good”, even to the most-immaculate ears of headphone audiophiles.

The LATEST product is the Tach T1, an on-ear (super-aura) wireless headphones – to further showcase the Pendulumic wireless experience, specially for the discerning ears of Travelling Sound-Lovers.

1) The T1 will be the most naturally-intuitive and best sounding wireless headphones in the market – embedding user-centric technological-advance features, presented with a proprietary intelligent interface.
2) The incredible audio quality / Sound stage performance makes it the most musical and natural-sounding wireless headphones in the market – a fact acclaimed by numerous respected critics from Headphone audiophile communities.
3) It is the first and only headphones in the market to feature an intelligent backup AAA battery system that switches automatically to the backup AAA battery when the internal battery runs out.
4) The T1 features a smart sharing capability – share music between two T1s instantly with a single-button press! Best for friends and couples!
5) The T1 incorporates the latest in Low latency Bluetooth technology that eliminates any visible lag between on-screen and sound response, making it perfect for games and movies.

You can find the specification,video clips and more information on